Jose performing at Google Finland's 10 year anniversary. Photo by Aki Rask.

Jose performing at Google Finland's 10 year anniversary. Photo by Aki Rask.


– In my teens I was highly interested in hypnotics. Mental magic started to fascinate me when I got to know the famous British magician, Derren Brown.

Jose Ahonen, known as a charismatic performer, has over the years made his magic tricks in varied events, from club nights in restaurants to festivals and from weddings to business parties. The most important thing in his work are the people.

– The most important thing in magic is the interaction with the audience. I practised it for years making card tricks to totally strange people in all possible events. My brother and I went to restaurants for example with card packs in our pockets asking people if we can make them card tricks. It was quite frightening in the beginning, but excellent practice to gain the right rythm in the performance and to practical psychology with which to control the situation, tells Jose Ahonen.

It is just practise that has made Jose a first-class performer. In 2009 he was awarded "The Best in the City"-prize by City Magazine.

Jose Ahonen stands for a modern point of view to magic:

– I think that a magician don´t have to be a mystical or a dramatic figure, who tries to convince the audience of his supernatural powers. That would actually be underestimating the audience. Magic is a huge combination of technique and interpretation. The methods of the tricks and the story of the performance change according to the reaction and interpretation of the audience into an experience, which I think is art. So magic is not a power or a quality that the magician has, but a joint experince with the audience.

Facts about Jose Ahonen

Age: 35 years

Occupation: Magician

Family: Girlfriend Laura and dog Tuutikki

Idols: Derren Brown, Penn & Teller, David Blaine, David Berglas

Famous for:

Magic for dogs 1 and 2 -videos in Youtube, Huijarit -show on the biggest media station in Finland.

Magic for Dogs .video has been released for example in:


• Daily Mail

• Huffington post

• Gizmodo

• Dailydot

• Digg

• Yahoo news

• Time



• Kevin Newman Live

• Good Morning America

• Helsingin Sanomat

• Iltalehti

• Iltasanomat

• Radio X3M

• Radio Nova

• Me Naiset

• M&M

You can watch the first video in:

You can watch Magic for dogs 2 in:

For more information:

Jose Ahonen
+358 40 558 7497


Twitter: @JoseAhonen

Media release
+358 40 558 7497

Jose Ahonen´s magicb for dogs is making people laugh all around the world - and more is coming!

The award-winning magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen from Tampere, Finland has during the weekend messed up the social media with his video, on which he makes the trick of a disappearing titbit for various dogs. The personal reactions of the dogs have made people laugh all over the world.
By Monday morning the video had been watched over 4 million times. It has been shared in several social medias and for example Josh Groban and Derren Brown have retweeted it.
- The enormous interest has surprised me, because my intention only was to entertain my friends. But small positive things can have great effects. The stars of the clip, the dogs, get everybody in a good mood, says Mr Ahonen smiling.
The video will soon have two more clips and Jose Ahonen promises hilarious material. 
- More great and funny material is coming!
- The new video will be published on April Fools´ Day, the 1st of April 2014,
Watch the video here:

Promotional photos:

(Photographer AP Ahonen)

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Jose Ahonen

Magician and mind reader Jose Ahonen - Magic Takes Over the Stage

Mentalism, magic of the mind, humor, wonders. A performance that lasts about half an hour carries the audience into the mysterious and secret world of magic of the mind. Surprisingly, the assistants selected from the audience are also able to perform wonders!

Magic With Your Mind

Jose's performance, designed to captivate the audience with modern magic of the mind, is entertaining and tantalizing. The magic happens close up, even in your own hands, which makes for an unforgettable experience. You are not going to see conventional tricks with cards or strings, but true wonders that will stay with you for a long time.

Close-Up Magic

When the Magician mingles with his audience, the magic is close up and intimate. It takes place within hair’s breadth, even in your own hands. The Magician is able to read your thoughts, and you can be sure that there are no other actors involved. Close-up magic is well suited for almost any event or occasion, and the Magician can perfom his magic and amaze the spectators even during the breaks between other numbers in the program. Close-up magic is an excellent way to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

Jose Ahonen - The Best Magician in Town (City Magazine, 2009)

”The demeanor of Jose Ahonen may resemble that of his American colleagues, but his art was absolutely captivating. The audience consisted of people in the travel and tourism industries, many of whom have seen live performances by American magicians, usually far from the stage. This time the magic walked up close and touched them. A real entertainer and artist like Jose Ahonen is able to enchant his spectators and create an ambience that grips the audience. I recommed this one.”

Markus Issakainen, Sales Manager, Lufthansa

“The entertaining and easy-going Jose Ahonen, and his magic, which was performed with tantalizing finesse, were the topic of conversation among our staff for a long time. This group, consisting of professionals in the arts and communications business, has seen a vast number of various evening shows, but Jose was able to conjure this demanding audience into a state of total amazement. I recommend Jose and his show of magic for any event or party your company may be having, and he deserves our warmest thanks!”

Susanna Ihanus, Producer

Please note that this performance does not contain any risqué material, but may be too sophisticated for very young children to enjoy.